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Macron Needs A History Lesson

It was rich that French President Macron lectured us and the rest of the world during the 100th anniversary celebration of the end of World War I about patriotism and nationalism.

In World War I France had over 4 million casualties and over 1 million deaths. By 1917 thousands of French soldiers were deserting and the French offensives against Germany had basically come to a halt while waiting for American and British troops to come save their bacon.

When Germany invaded France in World War II, the French armed forces folded like a cheap suit in less than a week. Romantic stories about the French underground to the contrary, if it wasn’t for our blood and treasure President Macron would be speaking German, drinking beer, and eating brats.

Posted by Rick | November 12, 2018 05:14 PM | Political Science ~ | Social Studies

Collateral Damage

On October 14, 2018, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), while being interviewed by The New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, famously said:

We have to have total clarity about what we do, when it comes to everything — a woman’s right to choose, gay marriage … whether it’s about immigration, whether it’s about gun safety, whether it’s about climate … I think that we owe the American people to be there for them, for their financial security, respecting the dignity and worth of every person in our country, and if there’s some collateral damage for some others who do not share our view, well, so be it, but it shouldn’t be our original purpose.

I wonder if she puts Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA), who was shot while practicing for a charity baseball game by a crazy Democrap, in the collateral damage category.

Today bombs were sent to a number of high profile Democraps including HRH Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, ex-CIA chief John Brennan, and the bastion of fake news, CNN. Fortunately, none of them exploded. Next time they may go off, but don't worry, it's only collateral damage.

Is this a case of "you reap what you sow?"

Posted by Rick | October 24, 2018 01:00 PM | Political Science

What the Hell Was That?

So much for egg on the face. That was the most underwhelming, pathetic performance by the attorney hired by the Republicans to question Dr. Ford anyone could possibly imagine.

Here are just a few more probing questions that might have shed a little light on the alleged attack by Judge Kavanaugh on Dr. Ford. Was anyone doing drugs that evening? Were the lights on in the bedroom where you were attacked? How long were you in the bedroom with the two boys? Did you bite him when he put his hand over your mouth? Did you fight back at all when he was on top of you? Were any of your clothes torn or damaged in any way? Why would you talk to Mark Judge at the Safeway store a few weeks after the attack on you when he was one of the perpetrators of said attack?

By the way, I don't believe that a polygraph exam can be completed correctly with only two questions. All questions are answered with a yes or no answer and a baseline for truthfulness is generally established before getting down to the nitty gritty. For instance: Is your name Richard Joseph Rasmusson? Were you born in Watertown, South Dakota? Is your birthday May 16, 1949? Then the rest of the questions can be asked but should be more specific than those asked by Dr. Ford's examiner.

Posted by Rick | September 27, 2018 12:32 PM | Political Science ~ | Social Studies

Egg Anyone?

It is being reported by Fox News and the New York Post that the Senate Judiciary Committee has interviewed two men who claim that they, not Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge, were the 'gentlemen' who were with Christine Blasey Ford on the night (nobody knows exactly what night) in question back in 1982. Is it possible that the accuser, Dr. Ford, and all the Democrats who said they ‘believed’ the 'good' doctor will be wearing their breakfast omelets instead of eating them?

Posted by Rick | September 27, 2018 04:57 AM | Political Science ~ | Social Studies

Democratic Attacks Desperate and Despicable

Democratic activist Christine Blasey Ford has come forward to accuse Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh of sexual assault. She says she thinks it occurred in the summer of 1982 when she was 15, but isn’t sure. She doesn’t remember where it occurred, but says it was at a house party somewhere. She remembers that she was wearing a bathing suit under her clothes. She remembers having ‘one’ beer and says that Judge Kavanaugh, 17 at the time, was drunk. She says that she was pushed into a bedroom where Kavanaugh attempted to remove her clothes while on top of her but was seemingly too drunk to accomplish that task, while another boy watched, I guess. She claims the boys were both laughing “maniacally” while this was occurring and she was able to run out of the room when Kavanaugh’s friend jumped on top of them, twice. (Sounds pretty kinky I thought, laughing maniacally to myself.)

She doesn’t remember how she got home but remembers that she wasn’t raped. She doesn’t indicate that any of her clothing was removed or even torn.

I have just a few questions about the night in question. Who were the other boys and girls at the party? How many beers did the 15-year old really have? Is she sure she only had one beer? What was everyone doing to entertain themselves while they were all drinking their ‘one’ beer? Did she and the two boys have any interaction at the party prior to the alleged “assault?” Were there any drugs involved? Was anyone smoking pot? Were they dancing? Were they kissing? Was she physically harmed in any way, even after being jumped on by Kavanaugh’s friend, twice?

How is it that she can remember Kavanaugh and Judge’s names but not the house where the alleged “assault” took place or even how she got home?

Why didn’t she tell anyone about this alleged “assault” until she told her therapist in 2012 during a marriage counseling session, a mere 30 years after the traumatic experience? Is this just an attempt by Ms. Ford to make excuses for her own inability to have a normal relationship with her husband?

This is an “alleged“ assault. There was no physical injury to anyone supposedly involved. There is no proof that any of this occurred - no friend to corroborate the event, no torn blouse, no bruises, not even a blue dress. (A lie detector test is not proof. I took many lie detector tests while working for a jeweler and was once told I lied about my name.)

This is just another desperate attempt to sully the reputation of a Republican nominee to the Supreme Court. This is despicable.

My message to anyone who is peddling this garbage: Prove it or shut up!

Posted by Rick | September 16, 2018 05:23 PM | Political Science

Nike Or Not

I will not support Nike since they have decided to promote Colin Kaepernick.

It is unforgivable for Nike to disrespect the national anthem, the police, the military and all that they stand for while making billions of dollars in this country.

Nike...not now, not ever!!!

Posted by Rick | September 5, 2018 08:38 PM | Social Studies

Former CIA Chief John Brennan Loses Security Clearance

Former CIA chief and communist sympathizer, John Brennan, who had his security clearance revoked by President Trump, is claiming it was an effort to curtail his first amendment rights of free speech.

Brennan used his right to freedom of speech almost immediately upon learning of the revocation of his security clearance and tweeted his over the top response to losing same. I'm sure he will be welcome on any number of television and radio stations to continue using his right to freedom of speech to make his ridiculous claims. He will continue to spout his disdain for President Trump and losing his security clearance won't affect his big mouth in any way.

Posted by Rick | August 15, 2018 02:09 PM | Political Science