Beck On Trump

Just as I was waking up this morning, Glenn Beck was taking a call from some guy named Jack who was trying to make a case for supporting Donald Trump and without giving the poor guy a chance to make his case, Beck and the boys began laughing at him. I have heard Beck say that he is willing to listen to anyone who can make a case for supporting Trump, but with treatment like that why would anyone call into the show?

I was a supporter of Ted Cruz during the primaries, and was as disappointed as anyone when he lost to Trump. Now that Cruz is not an option, the reality of the situation is that I do not want Hillary to make the next appointment(s) to the Supreme Court and believe that this is the most important reason to elect anyone but her. The only viable option to Hillary is Donald Trump. None of the minor party candidates can beat her.

Perhaps Beck and his minions could use their time more productively by making a case for someone who can beat Hillary in the presidential race, rather than ridiculing listeners and continually tearing down Trump. I doubt if there will be much laughing at the Blaze studios If Hillary wins and nominates 'another Ginsberg' for the Supreme Court.

Posted by Rick | September 7, 2016 08:29 AM | Political Science

Obama Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot

Once again HRH Obama just can't control his big mouth. While eulogizing the five police officers who were killed in Dallas last week, HRH decided to bring up the black man, Alton Sterling, who was killed by police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, while resisting arrest, was insensitive and stupid.

In another part of his speech, HRH Obama said that it was 'easier for a teenager to purchase a Glock than obtain a computer or even a book.' Of course, that statement is patently false and just stupid.

Neither statement had any place in the memorial service for these officers. What is wrong with HRH???

Posted by Rick | July 12, 2016 06:19 PM | Social Studies