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Beancounters Giving Black Eye To Department Of Defense

Specialist Robert Loria of Middletown, NY, recently lost his arm during the fighting in Iraq. The Army subsequently billed him $310 for missing equipment; over $2400 that the Army mistakenly overpaid him for family separation pay he received while recuperating at Walter Reed Army Medical Center; and over $2200 for travel expenses between Walter Reed and his station at Fort Hood, TX, that should have been paid to him but the paperwork apparently went to the wrong desk. Without enough gas money to get back home, it took help from Senators Charles Schumer and Hillary Clinton to get him back home to NY. This is sad because of the obvious screw-ups by the Army, but the really sad thing is that it took liberal Senators Schumer and Clinton to get the ball rolling in the right direction here. No wonder there are rumblings about the performance of the Secretary of Defense. I understand mistakes are made, but this guy lost his arm....he deserves a lot more than a bill for a few dollars. Specialist Loria should give the Army a bill for his missing arm.

You can read more about it in a story by Dianna Cahn (Times Herald-Record dcahn@th-record.com) at LibertyPost.org. Be sure to use the phone numbers in the article to call in your concerns to the Secretary of Defense, etc.

A follow up note...

The Army has apparently agreed to forgive the $310 for missing equipment, the $2400 for the overpaid family separation pay and will help with re-filing the missing paperwork. Give the Army a gold star....the point, however, is that this should not happen to anyone who has served his country and given so much. It is doubly embarassing that it took Schumer and Clinton interceding to fix things.

Posted by Rick | December 26, 2004 01:10 AM

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