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Tom Ridge is leaving his job as Director of Homeland Security. It was a big thankless job. The question remains: Are we safer now than we were before he took the job?

We have a color-coded warning system that everyone is familiar with. It doesn't really do anything to make us safer, but it sounds good. I hope someone didn’t stay up all night figuring it out.

Airline passengers are definitely safer in the cabin of the plane. Security for the passengers is so tight that they are doing everything but strip-searching the passengers before they get on the plane. Security checks on the airport workers have been proven to be abysmal. I don't think the airport workers would have a difficult time getting some explosives onto the tarmac and subsequently into the a plane's cargo hold at any number of airports via the delivery trucks or under the worker's clothes.

The biggest problem persists - the borders. The INS has been worried about a few fake ID's at the border crossings while hundreds of thousands of ILLEGAL aliens are pouring across the Mexican border each year with NO ID's, NO skills and NO assets. (Let’s not forget about all those Canadians storming across our northern border, either). Congesting our communities' schools, emergency rooms, and jails, these illegal aliens cost hundreds of millions of dollars to already broken economies in California, Nevada, Arizona and other southwestern states. The administrations of Ronald Reagan, George Bush 41, and William Jefferson Clinton turned a blind eye to this problem in the 80’s and 90's. The George Bush 43 administration has had both eyes closed to this illegal attack on our society for the last four years. Truth be told, they need a white cane and a seeing-eye dog. Increased scrutiny at border crossings and claims of added technology to help control the flood of insurgents crossing our borders daily are merely pacifiers meant to keep the populous from crying aloud day and night. No matter that we are at war..no matter that terrorists want to come here and blow something up..no matter that the states' economies are bankrupt. No. Let's spend billions rebuilding Afghanistan; hundreds of billions to liberate Iraq; and spend more billions attempting to fix an unfixable AID's epidemic in Africa instead of securing our own borders. No more talk...we need action...real action, HERE in OUR HOMELAND.

The new homeland security director needs some backbone and a lot of attitude. It's OK for Bush to appoint 'yes men' to his cabinet. I don't care if the Secretary of the 'whatever' has YES tattooed on his forehead. Let's hope Tom Ridge's replacement doesn't.

Posted by Rick | December 1, 2004 05:26 AM

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