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HELP WANTED: Statesmen In Iraq

The recent media hand-wringing over the coming elections in Iraq is really pathetic. They couldn’t wait for us to turn over control of Iraq to some Iraqi, but now that we have and the process of forging a new government has begun, the MSM (main-stream media) is simply beside itself. The elections should take place regardless of any no-go zones and the threat of violence. Iraq will not be a completely safe place for a quite a while considering the huge caches of weapons we are still uncovering. Freedom didn’t come easy for America, and it isn’t coming easy for Iraq.

This is, however, an opportunity for the Iraqi people to begin to erase the past and help themselves down the road to a free country, with free elections. Have they forgotten the elections of the past when Saddam Hussein received 101% of the votes? One would hope that the Iraqis have a burning desire to live in peace and prosperity; to vote in free elections; and to finally control their own destiny. Freedom is theirs for the taking, if they would only grab it and hold on for dear life as we did. We are there to do the dirty work for them. A little help uncovering the insurgents’ strongholds and the caches of arms would go a long way in making the elections safer. If the good people of Iraq would only say enough is enough to the killing, the no-go zones could be cleaned up in 60 days - just in time for the elections.

Would-be statesmen among the Iraqis still fighting against change should understand that the January 2005 elections are the greatest gift anyone could give them. These elections are to decide who is going to write their “Declaration of Independence” from tyranny; and their “Constitution,” the road map for future peace and prosperity. To be a part of this election process is the best hope for all Iraquis regardless of their ethnicity.

When Muqtada al-Sadr agreed to disarm his militia and join the political debate, I was hopeful. (The glass wasn’t half full, but had a drop of water in it anyway... we are dealing with Muqtada al-Sadr after all.) Perhaps al-Sadr is a statesman in the making. He is young and influential. If he will keep his word and stop killing ‘infidels’, and perhaps even get his followers to help clean up the problem, he could be a major player in Iraqi politics for many years. If he can’t keep his word, the American forces will deal with him.

America was fortunate to have many true statesmen when the republic was in its infancy. True statesmen, as we have seen throughout our history, come in many shapes and sizes, but all are men of vision; men of strength; men of conviction; and, men with the courage to do the right thing even when it entails some compromise. Are there any statesmen with these qualities among the current troublemakers in Iraq? Probably not...

I’m afraid a twisted religious fervor has made it impossible for many Muslims in Iraq, and around the world, to do the right thing. Life means little to them. They have no hopes or dreams for themselves or their children. Their homeland means nothing to them. It is not possible for them to behave in a civilized manner. They would rather dance in the street every time a vehicle is blown up, or hang an infidel from a bridge after mutilating the body. Joy is found in ridding the world of non-believers and nothing else.

There will be no-go zones in Iraq beyond the January 2005 elections. Eventually, however, the Muslim zealots must, and will be destroyed. There will be no peace until they are gone, but there will be peace, even if it comes from the working end of an M-16. Let’s hope they can handle the 72 virgins waiting for them when Allah greets them at the gates of hell.

Posted by Rick | December 1, 2004 04:07 PM

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