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More Money Than Brains

Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, Ohio's chief election official, made Bush's victory there official by certifying the results of the November 2nd election. The final margin of victory was 118,775 votes. An article by Andrew Welsh-Huggins in the Washington Post indicates that the battle is not over for some of the losers.

A ruling by a federal judge in Columbus on Friday rejected one county's attempt to stop a recount, avoiding a legal precedent that could have stopped other recounts. Green and Libertarian party candidates have already raised the required $113,600 for a recount.

The Democratic Party also said Monday it will examine reports of voting problems in Ohio.

Outgoing Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe said the party will spend "whatever it takes" to study complaints from Ohio voters.

Obviously, it would take a true miracle to find enough votes to change the outcome. Neither of the two parties asking for a recount really has a dog in the fight, so why are they footing the $113,600 bill for a recount? If they were hoping that Kerry would ultimately win, why did they run a candidate in the first place? They had to realize that by running a candidate they would ultimately hurt Kerry far worse that Bush.

Terry McAuliffe can pay to study complaints about the election all he wants. Republicans stood in the same lines as the Democrats, but I did not hear about any Democratic headquarters being ransacked by Republican thugs or Democratic vehicles being trashed the night before the election. McAuliffe should consider spending some of that extra money on a study that will help the Democrats pick better candidates in the future.

Posted by Rick | December 6, 2004 03:41 PM

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