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Hillary, Hillary, Hillary....... If It's Not One Thing, It's Another

Hillary Clinton's 2000 campaign-finance director, David Rosen, has been indicted for under-reporting the cost of an August 2000 campaign fund-raiser by approximately $700,000.

Dick Morris, in an article in the New York Post, asked the following:

The question of who understated the cost of the Hollywood event now joins the pantheon of questions that have haunted the senator's past — Who hid the billing records? Who ordered the travel office firings? Who helped Hillary to make a killing in the commodities market? Did the first lady know her brother was paid to secure a pardon for a major drug trafficker? Did Hillary represent the Madison Bank in a fraudulent real-estate deal? Who ordered the removal of the FBI files?

And finally:

If young David Rosen wants to take the fall for Hillary and join the likes of Web Hubbell and Susan McDougal, who chose to languish in prison rather than tell the truth, that is his decision. But don't ask us to believe something the average 8-year-old knows can't be true — that a gain to the campaign of $280,000 was beneath Hillary's notice.

Just how thick is Hillary's teflon coating anyway?

Posted by Rick | January 17, 2005 02:24 AM

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