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Giuliana Sgrena - Consider The Source

It is always sad when innocent parties in a war zone are injured or killed. However, in the case of Giuliana Sgrena, the Itallian journalist who was kidnapped in Iraq and released after a purported $1 million dollar ransom was paid, it may be very important to consider the source when reviewing her version of the events that led to the death of one of the agents who helped free her when the vehicle she was headed to the airport in was shot at by US troops.

In an article run by ABC News, Maria Sanminiatelli of the Associated Press points out that Ms. Sgrena works for the communist daily Il Manifesto, which "fiercely opposed the war in Iraq." When translated this means that they are staunch supporters of the insurgents and the former Sadam loyalists who continue to attack US and coalition forces, and will do anything to discredit the United States in our attempt to bring democracy to Iraq.

I hope the kidnappers asked for a million Italian lire (about $684 US) and weren't smart enough to ask for the ransom in US dollars, because, considering the incredible claims Ms. Sgrena has made since the incident about being targeted by US troops, that is all the 'journalist' is worth.

Posted by Rick | March 6, 2005 12:50 PM

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