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Michael Jackson's Accuser Is So Full Of It

I have refrained from commenting on the Michael Jackson trial in my blog, but, after seeing a news story about today's proceedings, I just can't help myself.

Comedienne Louise Palanker, a witness for the prosecution, testified today that she received a call from the mother of the accuser during which the mother claimed that she and her family were being held against their will at Jackson's Neverland ranch.

Now I know that if I were being held against my will somewhere and could get to a phone, the first person I would call is a comedienne. I wouldn't dial 911 - what could the police possibly do to free me? Nope, I would call the local comedy club in the hope that a posse of Roseanne, Carrot Top, Pauly Shore and Dana 'The Church Lady' Carvey would come rescue me.

This trial is funnier than any comedy club, and whether he did what he has been accused of or not, Michael Jackson is going be playing golf with O.J. Simpson soon.

Posted by Rick | March 22, 2005 10:13 PM

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