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'Hanoi Jane' Fonda or Bobby Fischer - Who's The Bigger Traitor?

In August of 1972, Jane Fonda took a two week 'vacation' to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam during what was commonly known as the Vietnam war and, in the process, became one of the most notorious traitors in American history. Although war was never officially declared, 58,229 Americans were killed during the conflict.

'Hanoi Jane', as she became known, posed for pictures while sitting on an anti-aircraft gun, participated in a news conference with POW's, and made radio spots for distribution to American troops detailing how futile she thought their efforts against the communist regime in North Vietnam were. If 'Hanoi Jane' had done those things during World War II, she would have been accused of treason, and tried as a war criminal. You can read more about her comments in an article written by Bruce Herschensohn originally published in the Washington Times on 07/08/2000, and reprinted here.

In 1975, shortly after the end of the hostilities, 'Hanoi Jane' returned to Vietnam for a special ceremony that would honor her for the aid and comfort she gave the communists during the war. With her newborn son in tow, 'Hanoi Jane' took the occasion to have her son christened and named Troy, after the Viet Cong hero, Nguyen Van Troi, who was executed by the South Vietnamese in 1963, for attempting to assassinate U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara.

It is now 33 years since 'Hanoi Jane' first visited Vietnam. To date she has only given a partial apology, especially noting her regret for having her picture taken while sitting on the anti-aircraft gun, but has refused to apologize for her Radio Hanoi broadcasts to American troops, reminiscent of 'Tokyo Rose,' and for having her picture taken with American POW's.

Currently 'Hanoi Jane' is on a publicity tour of the United States, making the rounds touting her new book, "My Life So Far," published by Random House, and her appearance in the upcoming New Line Cinema movie, "Monster-in-Law," which stars Jennifer Lopez. Unbelievably, Jane Fonda is still a celebrity in America.

By comparison, Bobby Fischer, perhaps America's best chess player ever, sits in Iceland, unable to return to the United States without being thrown in jail. His crime? Fischer broke international sanctions by playing a chess match against Boris Spassky in Yugoslavia in 1992, violating the International Emergency Economic Powers Act. If convicted of this crime, Fischer could spend up to 10 years in jail.

Bobby Fischer is hardly a sympathetic character. Despite having a Jewish mother, Fischer is rabidly anti-Semitic, and has also expressed support for the 9-11 attackers. In an article written by Allan Lengel, Washington Post saff witer, published July 16, 2004, Fischer is quoted as follows:

"America is totally under control of the Jews, you know. I mean, look what they're doing now in Yugoslavia. . . . The secretary of state and the secretary of defense are, are dirty Jews."


"This is all wonderful news. It's time . . . to finish off the U.S. once and for all. . . . This just shows what comes around, goes around."

Despicable behavior? O.K., I guess. Deplorable viewpoints? Absolutely. Treasonous? No. Traitorous? Again I say, No.

Bobby Fischer's real crime was economic in nature. Certainly no one was tortured or killed because he played his chess match. He had an opportunity to work, and he took the opportunity. Defiant? Yes. But a crime against the greater good of American society? Bobby Fischer's crime doesn't amount to a blip on the radar screen.

Would I go see Bobby Fischer play chess, or support him in any way?No. Beyond that, I could care less about him.

On the other hand, Jane Fonda is someone to be truly despised, yet continues to be welcomed on virtually every radio and television venue where she can promote her latest endeavors. 'Hanoi Jane' should have been locked up upon her return from Vietnam, and the fact that she wasn't is a stain on the government that sent 58,229 brave Americans to their deaths. Jane Fonda should be shunned. Let her buddies, the communists in Cuba, Vietnam and North Korea, support her...Americans should not.

Posted by Rick | April 6, 2005 03:45 AM

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