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Bush Plays The Race Card & The Class Warfare Card

President Bush played the race card last week in an effort to promote needed Social Security reform. He pointed out that black people have a shorter life expectancy than other races and therefore collect fewer Social Security benefits. Under the proposed plan, the privatized portion of Social Security will be passed on to one's heirs. Additionally, because black people tend to be in the lower economic brackets, this inheritance will, in some small way, help lift black and other poor families out of the cycle of poverty. Why the Democratic Party is against this is beyond my comprehension...

Then Georgie Boy decided that since the Democrats don't like the partial privatization of Social Security, he would sweeten the pot by adding means testing to Social Security payouts. This sounds like we're getting closer and closer to the complete socialization of America. What could make the Democrats happier?

Are the Democrats too stupid to know when an offer is too good to be true? Will they continue to be the 'obstructionist only' party? It appears that the answers are Yes!, and Yes!.

Posted by Rick | May 2, 2005 03:52 AM

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