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Lessons To Be Learned

The full text of the agreement between the 7 Democrats and the 7 Republicans to limit filibusters of judicial nominations in the Senate can be read here.

Just as President William Jefferson Clinton sought to educate us all on the meaning of the word "is" while testifying under oath during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, I am quite sure Senate Democrats will have a lesson for Senate Republicans on the meaning of the word "extraordinary" in the very near future.

It will be interesting to see if the 14 Senators who crafted this agreement in secret back-room negotiations will be able go back and work within their respective parties, or will this be the impetus to form a new moderate 3rd political party by a group of Senators with the power to control the political landscape with their fourteen votes. Six of the fourteen Senators are up for reelection in 2006, and it is highly unlikely that any of the 6 would be defeated, even if they ran in a new 'moderate' party. Perhaps they could use the snake as their party mascot, much as the Republicans use the elephant and the Democrats use the donkey.

Posted by Rick | May 24, 2005 09:25 AM

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