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Would You Hire The People At Homeland Security?

Homeland security has been a joke since 9/11. Yeah, sure, the screeners at the airport have made sure all the little old ladies don't take their fingernail clippers on the airplane, and virtually everyone with a one-way ticket has had their bags torn apart. Unfortunately, anyone with half a brain can walk across the Canadian and Mexican borders into the United States undetected, and millions of people do each year.

Now it is being reported that the $4.5 billion dollars homeland security spent to help protect the airline industry was either ineffective or too costly to operate. The real problem is that Tom Ridge was too busy playing big-shot to make sure the equipment his department was purchasing worked...and the Department of Homeland Security is going to fix the problems by spending another $7.0 billion dollars in the next few years. The Department of Homeland Security claims that it will make sure the new equipment actually works before they buy it. Too bad they had to spend $4.5 billion dollars before they figured that out.

Posted by Rick | May 9, 2005 01:49 AM

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