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Close Guantánamo Bay - Relocate To Maricopa County, Arizona

I am in agreement with the bleeding heart liberals that we should close the storage facility at Guantánamo Bay. During all the chatter this past week I have heard talking heads make some pretty ridiculous suggestions. One handwringer said, without cracking even a smile, that we should move them to Guam. What!? Amnesty International can't find Guam?

I think we should move the human waste we currently store at the lovely facility at Gitmo to Attica, Rikers Island, or any one of America's other exceptionally fine prisons or local jails. Let them get a taste of a real American prison. In an article printed in the San Francisco Chronicle on January 23, 2005, Paul Pringle, staff writer at the Los Angeles Times, wrote about food at the Men's Central Jail in Los Angeles that includes a sack lunch:

The bag held two pieces of tired-looking processed turkey, two slices of wheat bread, two cookies, an apple and carrots. It is a typical lunch. Breakfast is mainly bran flakes and milk, hard-boiled eggs, a bun, jelly and fruit juice.

The jail stopped serving hot oatmeal last year to trim $1.5 million from its annual food budget, which is $22.9 million -- or $2.25 per day per inmate, less than that of California's state prisons ($2.45) and federal penitentiaries ($2.78).

Doesn't sound like the glazed chicken sometimes served at Guantánamo Bay does it? Carol Rosenberg, writing for Knight Ridder Newspapers, wrote in an article published at CentreDaily.com on June 8, 2005:

In its campaign to portray the Guantánamo Bay prison for terrorism suspects as humane, the Bush administration has made a rare disclosure: The Pentagon is spending $2.5 million a year to provide a proper Muslim meal to each prisoner behind the razor wire in isolated Cuba.

That's $12.68 a day in meals for each suspect.

and this:

Since soon after the prison opened in January 2002, the Pentagon has emphasized that the U.S. military provides prisoners with Qurans and Muslim-approved halal meat to portray it as sensitive to Islam. Commanders early on posted markers pointing toward Mecca, for prayer, and airlifted in 125 pounds of halal lamb for a special stew to celebrate the end of Ramadan, the month when Muslims fast.

and this:

In contrast, the Miami-Dade Corrections Department spends $2.19 a day on each prisoner's food - or $3.60 if you calculate salaries and equipment, says Cmdr. Debbie Graham.

If a Miami-Dade prisoner requires a kosher meal, which is similar to Islam's no-pork halal diet, the county spends an additional $3 per prisoner for a prepackaged dinner at night.

and finally this:

Blackner provided a sample from Guantánamo's culturally sensitive menu: whole wheat bagels, fresh fruit, rice pilaf, chicken breast in orange sauce, string cheese, vegetable patties, dates, baklava and yams.

Ms. Rosenberg went on to report that "prisoners get 2,600 calories a day" and during Ramadan, "prisoners get nuts, honey and extra rations." By contrast, the military spends only about $8.25 a day to feed the soldiers who guard the Muslim maggots.

My vote for the warden of any prison holding tough-guy terrorists would be the current sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, Joe Arpaio. Chris Summers, writing for the BBC News on Tuesday, 26 October, 2004, wrote:

Sheriff Arpaio's prison policies have made headlines across the United States. He reinstated chain gangs, for women and juveniles, as well as men, forces inmates to wear pink underwear and the old fashioned black and white hooped uniforms, and hit on the idea of housing minor offenders in a huge "Tent City" in the desert.

Forget the chain gangs and the fact that Sheriff Joe feeds his prisoners on less than $1.00 a day, the terrorist-loving liberals would probably run screaming to Amnesty International that the pink underwear provided to the prisoners was 'torture.'

Shaun Attwood, a British citizen who served two years in Sheriff Joe's jail before pleading guilty to money laundering and drug charges and being transferred to a state prison, has a weblog, Jon's Jail Journal, maintained by his father Derick in which he described the conditions of his confinement. Read and enjoy!!

Posted by Rick | June 19, 2005 05:44 PM

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