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Congratulations To Chief Justice John Roberts!

The United States Senate has just voted 78-22 to confirm John Glover Roberts, Jr., as the 17th chief justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

At age 50, he is the youngest chief justice since John Marshall was confirmed as chief justice in 1801.

All the Senate Republicans voted to confirm Judge Roberts. The 22 Democrats who voted against him were the typical left-wing hard liners. Leading the left against him were:

Akaka, HI
Bayh, IN
Biden, DE
Boxer, CA
Cantwell, WA
Clinton, NY
Corzine, NJ
Dayton, MN
Durbin, IL
Feinstein, CA
Harkin, IA
Inouye, HI
Kennedy, MA
Kerry, MA
Lautenberg, NJ
Mikulski, MD
Obama, IL
Reed, RI
Reid, NV
Sarbanes, MD
Schumer, NY
Stabenow, MI

At the end of the day, no real surprises.

Congratulations to Chief Justice Roberts!!

Posted by Rick | September 29, 2005 10:01 AM

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