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Let Them Eat Cake

The streets of Paris are burning. A number of buildings and over 1200 vehicles have been torched and over 250 arrests have been made.

For years, France has opened its doors to Muslims and north Africans who are now turning on their hosts and burning the country, promising 40 days of violence. Now the Parisians are beside themselves. As Japan Today put it:

The seemingly uncontainable violence has proved deeply embarrassing to the government, focusing global attention on the often terrible conditions in deprived suburbs, where largely immigrant populations complain of dismal economic prospects, rampant discrimination and heavy-handed policing.

What is the reason for the violence? The initial excuse was that two hoodlums were electrocuted while running from the police. Of course the fact that the low-lifes were hiding at an electrical substation had nothing to do with their demise.

If things are so bad in France, why don't the downtrodden immigrants go back where they came from?

This is nothing but violence for violence sake. France should shoot to kill those who are burning and looting, but they won't. The French believe in appeasement, until it's time to surrender.

In France, the inmates are running the asylum. French President Chirac certainly doesn't get it. I heard his initial response to the violence was: "Let them eat cake."

Posted by Rick | November 4, 2005 01:40 AM

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