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Thanksgiving Postmortem

The guests have gone home, the leftovers have been put away, and the house appears to be in one piece. I am exhausted, but as long as everyone had a good time, it was worth it.

We have retreated to our humble condo in Brian Head, Utah, to recuperate. It would be a little nicer if there was some snow. It is the first time since we have been coming here that we couldn't ski following our Thanksgiving feast. The ski resort is hoping to open the lifts by December 10th, with a little help from Mother Nature, of course.

I started to write a little about what I am thankful for this year, and frankly, there is so much to be thankful for it seemed almost trite to put it into words.

Our family did have some health issues this year, and sadly, we lost a cousin this year to cancer. She will be missed! Ultimately, the doctors have been able to put almost everyone back together again as good as new.

We live in such a great country. (Although to hear some people talk, you would think we are the devil incarnate.) Opportunity abounds everywhere. We have wonderful schools, public and private. Stores are filled with everything your heart desires. We have the best medical care available in the world. With a little effort, virtually everyone can lead a wonderful life in America. Throw in a smidgen of talent and perhaps a little luck and you can have it all - a lovely family, a beautiful home, a great career, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom.....now if we could only do something to get the Democrats onboard.

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. It has begun to snow! Only 400 inches to go...

Posted by Rick | November 26, 2005 08:19 PM

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