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Martin Luther King Jr. - Happy Birthday

Today as some of the country took the day off in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., I doubt that the black community took much time to truly reflect on the status of their community. The black community hasn't reflected on much or accomplished much since King's "I have a dream..." speech over 40 years ago. They have been too busy squandering the wealth of entitlements given to them.

If Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today he couldn't help but be embarrassed by the illiteracy, the out-of-wedlock births, the drugs, the gangs, the crime, the gangster rap, the poverty and the unemployment in the black community. After 40 years of busing, affirmative action (reverse discrimination), after-school programs, job training, low income housing, and every law imaginable to protect the rights of the black community, they are arguably worse off now than they were when MLK was alive.

Black community leaders like shake-down artist Jesse Louis Burns (AKA the 'Reverend' Jesse Jackson), the 'Reverend' Alfred Sharpton Jr., the Nation of Islam's Louis Eugene Walcott (AKA 'Minister' Louis Farrakhan, AKA Calypso Louie), and former President and Chief Executive Officer of the NAACP Frizzell Gray (AKA Kweisi Mfume) call themselves by fancy names, wear fancy suits and line their pockets from the sweat of the black underclass they supposedly serve. They have done little to lead their community out of the darkness.

It's time the black community looks to itself for answers, past their so-called leaders. Unfortunately, when a voice of reason from within the black community like Bill Cosby or Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas speaks up, he is condemned as being an 'Uncle Tom' or worse.

In 2004, it is estimated that over 85% of blacks that voted cast their ballot for the Democratic candidate, John Kerry. Unfortunately, it is the Democratic Party that continues to divide the country with their class warfare mantra.

The black community needs to forget about what it thinks it is owed. The marketplace will provide for anyone willing to take advantage of the opportunities afforded all Americans who are willing to apply themselves in school and work hard when they get out of school.

Study hard and work hard...make Martin Luther King Jr. proud!

Posted by Rick | January 16, 2006 08:51 PM

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