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'Twas The Season For Football

1) After two days of almost non-stop football viewing, and listening to announcers with many different styles, I began to wonder tonight who annoyed me more as an announcer, Paul Maguire or Dan Dierdorf.

After much reflection and a coin flip, I decided that Dierdorf was more annoying.

2) Minnesota Vikings' coach Mike Tice was fired an hour after the Vikings beat a Chicago Bears team 34-10 yesterday. (In fairness to the Bears, it should be noted that they were resting most of their regulars.)

The Vikings' victory capped a miraculous 9 victory, 7 loss season that began 2-5. What made the winning season even more miraculous was the fact that the Vikings traded their premier wide receiver, Randy Moss, to Oakland in the off season; the team had a number of players involved in a scandalous house boat party during their bye week; and had their starting quarterback, Daunte Culpepper, go down with a season ending injury during their seventh game. Seems that Tice did a pretty good job coming back from all the adversity to win nine games.

3) Somebody should tell retiring Kansas City coach, Dick Vermeil, there is no crying in football.

3) USC will win the Rose Bowl by a score of 35-24 Wednesday. Texas is really good. USC is better. It must be noted that my lovely wife, and UT alum, strongly disagrees with my prediction. I also predict she will lose $100 Wednesday night.

Posted by Rick | January 1, 2006 11:42 PM

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