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The Democratic Response To The State Of The Union Speech

Governor Tim Kaine (D-VA) gave the Democrats response to the President's State of the Union speech. Unfortunately, the theme of Governor Kaine's speech - There is a better way - was as empty as Ted Kennedy's bottle of scotch.

First complaining about the "staggering national debt" and the deficits we have rung up since 9/11, Kaine went on with of litany of programs where the federal government wasn't spending enough or was attempting to cut back its spending.

Kaine complained about the inadequate spending on education where: the 'no child left behind' program is not fully funded; there have been cut backs on school loans; there are not enough preschool programs.

Governor Kaine continued adding to the Democratic complaints when he noted health care cuts in medicare and the new, but inadequate, senior medicare drug plan.

And finally, the Governor complained about benefit cuts to veterans and the active duty military, along with inadequate intelligence, inadequate body armor, and cuts in staffing levels of the National Guard and the reserves.

For good measure the good Governor complained that the federal government wasn't doing enough to preserve the environment; wasn't doing enough to keep work places safe; wasn't doing enough to preserve family farms; and the federal government needed to end partisanship and cronyism in Washington.

Did Governor Kaine attempt to put a figure on his wish list? Obviously not...this was just more rhetoric, empty at that.

In what was the only real initiative in the Governor's speech involved confiscating some of the profits from our oil companies. I'm surprised he didn't suggest nationalizing the entire industry so the government could get its hands on all the profits. Perhaps the Democrats can hire Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez as a consultant on just how to go about something like that.

Viva La (Democratic) RevoluciĆ³n!

Posted by Rick | February 1, 2006 12:05 AM

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