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Outlaw Islam

Just as Nazism, the ideology held by the National Socialist German Workers Party, has been outlawed in Germany for many years, and Shinto was completely separated from Japanese politics after World War II, the time has come to outlaw Islam.

Although Nazism is a social and political ideology, and not a religion as Islam purports to be, the basic tenants of both extol the supremacy of a certain group of people while attempting to speed the demise/extinction of other groups by whatever means necessary. The only real difference between Nazism and Islam is that, while Nazism spread its message in the beer gardens of Berlin, the Islamic religion spreads its message of hatred, death and destruction in its mosques hiding behind a twisted god.

From Wikipedia:

Nazism, or more correctly National Socialism (German: Nationalsozialismus, often abbreviated NS) is a political ideology promoting Germanic racial supremacy and a strong and centrally governed state.

Nazism has been outlawed in modern Germany, although remnants and revivalists, known as Neo-Nazis, continue to operate in Germany and abroad. The term is derived from the word Nazi, which is used to label the supporters of the National Socialism.

And just as Nazism has been outlawed in Germany, Shinto was outlawed in Japan as the state religion after World War II. From Encarta:

In 1946, during the American occupation of Japan following World War II, the cult was completely separated from the state by order of General Douglas MacArthur, supreme commander for the Allied powers. Government financial support of State Shinto was eliminated, the former practice of teaching cult doctrines in the schools was abolished, and the use of Shinto symbols for nationalistic purposes was forbidden.

Lebanese Islamo-fascists, aka Hezbollah, with a stockpile of over 10,000 rockets, have fired over 2,000 rockets into Israel in the past two weeks. Unable to really aim their rockets, the Hezbollah point them in the general direction of a town hoping to kill or maim somebody; anybody. Elsewhere in the world, Islamo-fascists are blowing up buses, trains, planes, ships, hotels, embassies and office buildings, indiscriminately killing innocent men, women and children in the name of Allah.

Left-wing ideologues would have us believe that there is some root cause of the violence. The notion that we have overtly done something to deserve the death and destruction by the Muslims is peddled by bleeding hearts, but the truth is that no matter what the civilized world does for the Islamic world, it would never be enough. The left would have us believe that we can negotiate with these animals. The bleeding hearts are delusional. The Islamo-fascists will not be satisfied until all secular laws are replaced with Islamic law and all non-believers are dead.

The civilized world is involved in a war against Islam. It's time to turn away all Muslim's who would emigrate to America. It's time to close the mosques in America and jail or expel the fascist clerics. It's time to jail anyone who outwardly displays any alliance with, or allegiance to, Islam. Just as Nazism has been outlawed in Germany and Shintoism was outlawed in Japan, the time has come to outlaw Islam worldwide.

If you do not believe this is World War III, you soon will. The bloodthirsty Islamo-fascists are willing to die for their religious beliefs, and the time has come to accommodate them. The sooner we start to kill them the better, because there will be no peace until they kill us or we kill them.

Go Israel!

Posted by Rick | August 1, 2006 02:47 AM

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