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Republican Nightmare Becomes Reality

Oh My God!! The Democrats have won control of the House of Representatives, and, as of 11:42 P.S.T., the count is exactly even in the Senate 49-49. Unfortunately, the Republican candidates in Virginia (Allen) and Montana (Burns) are both trailing their Democratic opponents in the last two undecided senatorial elections.

A bit of humor was provided by Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), soon to be majority leader in the Senate, who said during an interview with Fox News' Carl Cameron that he was prepared to put away the partisan politics and work with the Bush administration. Rest assured, nothing will be further from the truth when the Democrats take control come January 2007.

The Democrats have no new ideas; have no will to address pressing problems such as social security and illegal immigration; have no intention of allowing President Bush to address Islamo-fascism in any significant way.

What the Democrats will do is make sure we cannot listen to Islamo-fascists calling one another; will make sure we cannot interrogate terrorists effectively; will make sure that class warfare continues over taxation; will make sure that the flow of illegal immigrants from Mexico continues unabated across our southern border.

Truth be told, the President and the Republicans in Congress have no one to blame but themselves because, although they gave lip service to their concerns about our national problems, they refused to make tough political choices and address the above-mentioned problems.

Posted by Rick | November 7, 2006 11:41 PM

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