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Do You Hear That Sucking Sound?

No, it is not Monica Lewinsky!

That loud sucking sound is the mainstream media (MSM) sucking all the air out of everyone's presidential campaign except that of former first lady, now Senator, Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY).

Media darlings, Senators Barack Hussein Obama (D-IL) and John McCain (R-AZ), have even been forgotten since Hillary announced the formation of her presidential exploratory committee 8 days ago.

The really big news that mega-wealthy George Soros, major financier of MoveOn.org, Air America Radio, and other liberal outlets, had abandoned Hillary in favor of BHO got only fleeting mention in the media this past week.

Hillary is the MSM's choice as Bush's heir apparent and I believe that unless and until some catastrophe befalls her campaign, the other announced candidates will receive little or no attention.

Posted by Rick | January 28, 2007 07:08 AM

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