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Harley Davidson - Hecho En Mexico

The 2,800 union workers at Harley-Davidson's largest manufacturing plant have walked off the job. It is just another case of arrogant American workers, unwilling to make any concessions, forcing manufacturing jobs out of the United States. In an article in the times-leader.com written February 3, 2007, by Martha Raffaele of the Associated Press:

The assembly line at Harley-Davidson’s largest manufacturing plant remained idle Friday as nearly 2,800 union workers walked off the job, saying they would strike for as long as it took to win a better contract.

The article went on to say:

The union voted Wednesday to authorize a strike after rejecting the company’s contract offer, which would have reduced pay rates for new hires, required employees to pay part of their health insurance premiums and forced pension concessions. In anticipation of the walkout, the company shut down production at the plant on Thursday.

If the union members at Harley-Davidson want their jobs back they better brush up on their Spanish, because it is likely they are going to have to move south of the Rio Grande. Perhaps the union will provide Spanish lessons for the workers who lose their jobs. Can you say, "Yo hablo Espanol?"

Posted by Rick | February 7, 2007 07:49 PM

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