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A Few Thoughts...

  • I have done a cursory investigation of a few of the places that sell carbon credits and have been unable to find any real projects that the sellers of carbon credits invest in that eliminate or help reduce carbon footprints. Buying these 'credits' may help the payor's conscience, but accomplish little more than that. These people are snake oil salesmen.

  • The Democrats are using their new majority position in Congress in a pathetic attempt to embarrass President Bush and his administration. They are petty, self-serving, do nothing politicians. They are not patriots.

  • Congress should not get involved in the sub-prime mortgage business, but should make sure that when lenders package the loans and sell them as securities that full disclosure is made of the risks involved in the underlying portfolio.

  • Poor sportsmanship is common in basketball, football, and sometimes even baseball. Golfers, however, are usually quite good sports, but this afternoon one golfer sunk to a new all-time low. Sergio Garcia, one of the premier names in the sport of golf, actually spit into the cup after missing a putt, leaving a nasty surprise for the golfers following him. Unfortunately, while being interviewed after his round of golf, Sergio thought nothing of it.
  • Posted by Rick | March 24, 2007 01:12 PM

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