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Oprah Supports Obama For President

Talk show host Oprah Winfrey has decided that Barack Hussein Obama (D-IL) is the best person to replace George Bush as President of the United States.

Obama does actually qualify to be President of the United States. He is at least 35 years old and is an American citizen born in the United States. Obama's attributes include his ability to read, write, and speak in complete sentences. His claim to fame is that he has been elected to the U.S. Senate, once. (It should be noted that he has not completed his first term yet and usually only bothers to show up for work three days a week.)

He has not, however, done anything to make him more qualified than you, I, or your next door neighbor. He may even be less qualified than your next door neighbor.

If someone were comparing the resumes of all the Presidential candidates, Democratic and Republican, no one would chose him over any of the other candidates, including Dennis Kucinich (D-OH).

This decision by Oprah to support Obama must be entirely racial. If it is not, perhaps Oprah is not as smart as she would have us believe.

Frankly, I believe it is both.

Posted by Rick | May 2, 2007 02:36 PM

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