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Is Fred Thompson The Second Coming Of Ronald Reagan?

While comparisons of Ronald Reagan and Fred Thompson are constantly made because both were actors before they became prominent politicians, I think the similarity ends there.

Ronald Reagan was a big picture politician and had a burning desire to become president. After running (and losing) in the primaries in 1976 against incumbent President Gerald Ford, Reagan continued his quest for the presidency virtually non-stop until the elections in 1980.

On the other hand, the vision for Fred Thompson's candidacy seems to come from the day dreams of the media rather than the candidate himself. After listening to Thompson's speeches it is quite apparent that Fred has no substantive vision for his candidacy or the nation.

If and when Thompson does actually declare for the presidency, it will be the highlight of his campaign. It will all be downhill from there.

Posted by Rick | September 5, 2007 11:46 AM

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