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Blame America First Crowd Blames U.S. For Bhutto Assassination

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated earlier today while she attended a political rally by a suicide bomber who shot her and then sent himself to hell by blowing himself up.

Left wingers on the internet, the radio and the television are putting forth the absurd argument that the United States is to blame for supporting Ms. Bhutto. Of course, their hatred for President Bush is clouding their judgment.

It’s not as if the political rallies Ms. Bhutto insisted on attending were in a secure location where all of the attendees went through metal detectors and were scrutinized by bomb-sniffing dogs. Those political rallies are held out in the open where virtually anyone could be targeted very easily by the fanatical Muslims. Even Ms. Bhutto’s pleas for more security while she attended these political rallies were unrealistic. There was no security under those circumstances that would have been able to thwart an attack such as this.

The radical Muslims had a vested interest in destabilizing the government in Pakistan. They did not want a woman in power, and certainly not a woman who was educated in, and friendly to, the United States. They want their Muslim clerics running the country just as they do in Iran.

Posted by Rick | December 28, 2007 12:05 AM

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