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Liberals Love McCain

The liberal media is once again touting the candidacy of Senator John McCain (D R-AZ). They would love for the liberal McCain to represent the Republicans in the Presidential election next November.

Unfortunately, no Republican with more than a pea-sized brain could ever support McCain. I defy any conservative to name one policy McCain supported that would justify their vote. (Being a prisoner-of-war is not a policy.)

McCain championed the free-speech limiting McCain-Feingold legislation, opposed President Bush's tax cuts, supported "comprehensive" (read amnesty) immigration reform, and has refused, time and again, to support any form of interrogation technique that might actually protect American lives,

Senator McCain is a liberal in what is supposed to be a conservative political party. He really should, in order to be true to his beliefs, change his political party - and sooner rather than later.

Posted by Rick | December 28, 2007 12:17 AM

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