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Democrats Lose Best Candidate

Bill Richardson has dropped out of the race for President of the United States. This is a very sad turn of events because he was the most qualified candidate running for office in either party.

After majoring in French and political science at Tufts University, Richardson earned a master's degree in international affairs from Tufts' Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in 1971. From there he went on to serve for over 14 years in the U.S. House of Representatives as a Democrat from New Mexico. He then served as the Secretary of Energy and Ambassador to the United Nations in the Clinton administration and is currently the Governor of New Mexico.

That is a resume unrivaled by any of the candidates. Hillary’s experience came to her through osmosis in the rarefied air of the First Lady’s offices in the White House and Barack Hussein Obama is an empty suit, having accomplished virtually nothing during his days as an Illinois legislator and his two years as a U.S. senator. Obama's two years in the U.S. Senate were really more like one year since he normally worked about three days a week in that post.

Unfortunately, the Democrats are blinded by their burning desire to install a woman or an African-American in the White House and gave little support to the one man in either party who was truly qualified to be President.

Posted by Rick | January 10, 2008 10:07 AM

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