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McCain - The Political Opportunist

Bob Cusack, in an article written for The Hill on 3/28/2007, describes discussions/negotiations Senator John McCain (R-AZ) had with leaders of the Democratic Party in 2001 that would have had McCain leaving the Republican Party, becoming an independent and caucusing with the Democrats.

(Then-Senate minority leader, Tom) "Daschle said that throughout April and May of 2001, he and McCain “had meetings and conversations on the floor and in his office, I think in mine as well, about how we would do it, what the conditions would be. We talked about committees and his seniority … [A lot of issues] were on the table.”"

To be fair, Daschle's claim was denied by McCain's campaign.

In a statement released by his campaign, McCain said, “As I said in 2001, I never considered leaving the Republican Party, period.”

Perhaps McCain was leading the Democrats down the primrose path; perhaps not.

You can read the entire article here and decide for yourself.

Posted by Rick | February 10, 2008 02:02 PM

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