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God, Country, Marxists And/Or Muslims

MSNBC's host Keith Olbermann and newly anointed host, lefty Rachel Maddow, spent an entire segment on Keith's show today making fun of Sarah Palin's religious beliefs. Of course, nothing was said of their beloved Barack Hussein Obama's wacko racist, anti-American church, Trinity United Church Of Christ, that the Obama's spent the better part of 20 years attending and, of course, there is Trinity's infamous hateful, racist, anti-American pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Jr., who was Obama's spiritual advisor all those years. The Rev is a huge proponent of Black liberation theology.

Anthony B. Bradley, a research fellow at the Acton Institute for the study of religion and liberty, and assistant professor of apologetics and systematic theology at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, wrote on April 2, 2008, in part:

One of the pillars of Obama's home church, Trinity United Church of Christ, is "economic parity." On the website, Trinity claims that God is not pleased with "America's economic mal-distribution." Among all of controversial comments by Jeremiah Wright, the idea of massive wealth redistribution is the most alarming. The code language "economic parity" and references to "mal-distribution" is nothing more than channeling the twisted economic views of Karl Marx. Black Liberation theologians have explicitly stated a preference for Marxism as an ethical framework for the black church because Marxist thought is predicated on a system of oppressor class (whites) versus victim class (blacks).

Bradley's entire article can be read here.

Of course, economic redistribution (AKA class warfare, socialism, communism) is the center-piece of Obama's economic plan to restore America to greatness. Haven't they tried class warfare, and/or socialism, and/or communism in one form or another in Russia, China, Cuba, and North Korea for the better part of the past century? Shining examples of economic growth and prosperity all...can you say bread line?

The battle of religions may be a battle that is not in B. Hussein Obama's best interest to fight.

On another note: Was it just a slip of the tongue or was it what the chosen one, Barack Hussein Obama, really holds dear when he mentioned 'his Muslim faith' on George Stephanopoulos' ABC show, "this week," this past Sunday?

Whether Obama is a member of a racist, anti-American church or a closet Muslim, do we really want him as our president and his angry wife as first lady?

Posted by Rick | September 9, 2008 12:07 AM

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