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Obama Wins Big

It's only 7:30 P.M. P.D.T. and the presidential election is over. Barack Hussein Obama is the big winner. John McCain should have agreed to be Hillary's running mate. He would have had an office in the White House, even if he wasn't sleeping there.

If this election proves anything it is that racism is alive and well in America, if you are black that is. Fox News is estimating that 95% of black people voted for Obama. 95%!!! Can you imagine what the blacks would say if 95% of whites voted for McCain?

I watched Obama's acceptance speech given before a delirious crowd of well over 100,000 supporters at Grant Park in Chicago and, as usual, the speech was filled with little more than soaring, yet empty, rhetoric. The only thing missing from the setting was a gold crown. The crowd included Oprah Winfrey, who was hanging on Obama's every word, and Jesse Jackson, shown weeping uncontrollably throughout most of the speech.

The hard part for Obama is just beginning. He will now have to govern. He won't be able to vote 'present' any more. Decisions will have to be made. His first decision will likely be who gets to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom first, terrorist William Ayers or the anti-American Reverend Wright. I'm betting on Wright.

Labor unions, the same labor unions that have ruined the textile, automotive and airline industries, must be ecstatic now that the Democrats have control of both houses of congress and the presidency. Union leaders will be gearing up to press their highest legislative priority, the deceptively named Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), which seeks to replace secret ballot elections with publicly signed union cards. Should it become law, prices will undoubtedly be going up at Walmart. Non-union Walmart has long been a target of labor organizers. In Canada, Walmart merely closed one store where employees managed to organize into a union. Unfortunately, Walmart will not be able to hold off union organizers armed with the Employee Free Choice Act in the United States.

I had to laugh while watching the election coverage on CNBC after Barry's (Barack's) speech. A black man, whom I was not familiar with, spoke up and disparaged trickle down economics. Nope. There would be no more trickle down economics under President Barack Hussein Obama. No sireee. I guess he figures 'trickle up' will work better.

During the next four years I pledge to help him work on the 'trickle up' economic theory. I am going to hire less staff to do landscaping, painting, cleaning, and other general work at home and at work. I am going to spend less, much less as it were, on discretionary items. I pledge that there will be no purchases of new cars; no new refrigerators; no new washing machines or dryers; no new furniture; no new computers; no new printers; and, the most difficult item to personally give up, there will be no new CD's or DVD's. I urge others to join me - let's give Obama's trickle up economic theory a chance.

Posted by Rick | November 4, 2008 07:38 PM

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