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Two Senators Keeping Senate From Being Overrun By Democratic Horde

With 96.85% of precincts counted, Minnesota's incumbent Republican Senator Norm Coleman is leading wacko Al Franken by the narrow margin of 12,513 votes.

In Alaska, recently convicted felon, incumbent Republican Senator Ted Stevens, is leading his Democratic challenger Mark Begich by 4,526 votes after 72.1% of precincts have been counted. Senator Stevens will likely leave the senate at some point in the not to distant future should he be reelected. He would be replaced by someone chosen by Governor Sarah Palin. However, said appointment will only be for 90 days when a special election must be held.

Update: In Minnesota, with 98.55% of the vote counted, the Minnesota Secretary of State is reporting that Coleman is now leading by only 6,352 votes.

Posted by Rick | November 5, 2008 12:26 AM

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