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Bonuses!?! What A Surpirse...

These guys in our government are idiots!!! That includes the current and past Presidents, the current and past treasury secretaries, and most, if not all, of the 535 members of Congress, past and present. It is not surprising that no one was aware that the AIG bonuses were already in place when it was decided to bail them out. No need to do any due diligence...Congress just decided to cut them a check for $170 billion dollars or whatever the exact amount ended up to be.

The reason I say it is not surprising is that they didn't bother to read any of the stimulus/bailout/budget packages. They didn't have time. They threw these spending packages together and voted on them before anyone could possibly read them, much less analyze them, no matter how large the check was going to be written for, ultimately spending trillions of dollars. They are writing checks so fast they don't have time to figure out what they bought; how much they lent; who they lent to; or which way is up.

The American people who elect these idiots time, after time, after time are going to get exactly what they deserve - screwed.

Posted by Rick | March 17, 2009 07:14 PM

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