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Free Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

I was just listening to President Barack Hussein Obama's speech in Montana and he was receiving unrestrained applause from the audience during his health care giveaway. Not only is the Messiah promising everyone a free lunch, but free breakfast and dinner too.

Claiming that he is going to reform the insurance business from the ground floor up, the Anointed One says that he will force insurance companies to insure everyone, even if they have a preexisting medical condition(s). So, just to be clear, let's say I have no health insurance and I show up on the doorstep of ABC Insurance Company after being diagnosed with cancer of the liver. The prognosis gives me 0% chance of recovery and the cost of prolonging my life for a year or so is going to be $200,000. How is the insurance company going to justify paying for my care when all they can ask me to pay are a dozen or so monthly premiums?

If we could do the same with other insurance, no one would buy homeowner's insurance until after their house burned down and no one would buy automobile insurance until after they had an accident. If you believe that an insurance company can afford to insure someone who has a preexisting condition the same way they insure a healthy individual, you are as delusional as those Obama Kool-Aid drinkers in Montana who are applauding him as I write this.

Obama is promising to prohibit insurance companies from placing an annual or lifetime cap on benefits paid, and, he is also promising to limit the out-of-pocket expenses an insurance company can charge. As The Prez sez, "no one in America should be broke when they get sick."

Remember, members of Congress are excluding themselves from the proposed health care system they would subject the rest of us to. Ask them why they won't drink from the same Kool-Aid cup they expect the rest of us to drink from!!!

The entire plan is crap, and I do not use that word lightly This is a desperate President saying and promising anything to accomplish his socialist agenda. This is not ordinary Kool-Aid he is serving up, this is Reverend Jim Jones, Jonestown Kool-Aid. Do not succumb to the promises of a better place. There is no free breakfast, no free lunch, and there is no free dinner. There will be higher taxes. There will be long linesat the doctor's office and the hospital; there will be rationing of drugs, operations, and exams; and there will be people dying while waiting for health care just as there are in Canada and Great Britain.

Posted by Rick | August 14, 2009 12:42 PM

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