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December 28, 2009

Waiting For The Next Shoe Panty To Drop

As anyone who travels by airplane knows, the consequences for the flying public after the attempt by Richard Reid to blow up a plane with explosives in his shoe were that all passengers had to remove their shoes while going through airport security.

Now that terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried to blow up a plane with 80 grams of the explosive PETN in his underwear, it would seem that all passengers from here on out would have to remove their underwear while going through the rigorous screening process at our airports.

I have no doubt that as I write this, Janet Napolitano, the clueless head of Homeland Security who claimed on the Sunday talk show circuit following the foiled attempt to blow up Northwest flight 253 that the 'system worked,' is trying to decide if we should have to take off our underwear at airport security checkpoints before boarding a plane.

If they don't make us take off our underwear as we go through airport security from now on we should be able to keep our shoes on as well.

Otherwise, the removal of shoes at airports is nothing more than harassment of the traveling public.

Posted by Rick | December 28, 2009 03:04 PM | Political Science

December 24, 2009

Robin Hood Rides Again

Merry Christmas! Now bend over and grab your ankles, because you are about to have your 'turkey' stuffed in one of the largest redistribution of wealth schemes since Robin Hood and his band of merry men were stealing from King John and giving their ill-gotten gains to the ne'er-do-wells living in the English countryside.

Barack Hussein 'Robin Hood' Obama , Harry 'Little John' Reid, and Nancy 'Maid Marion' Pelosi and their merry 'Democratic' congressmen are, like their counterparts of English lore, little more than common thieves and liars, all the while claiming that they are going to steal from the 'rich' (people with income over $200,000) and give to the 'poor' (the 47 million people without health care) all for the common good. Never mind that the 'rich' went to school, took risks, worked hard and deserve their money, and most of the 47 million 'poor' don't need (18 to 30 year olds who aren't sick very often) or don't deserve (Americans who would rather sit on their uneducated derrieres all day collecting unemployment, doing drugs, and making out-of-wedlock babies or the illegal immigrants who should return to their own countries) the ill-gotten gains of this band of thieves.

Using bad mathematical assumptions, accounting schemes, sacred cows and bribes, Obama, Reid and Pelosi have made a stew that is unsavory and unsustainable in any of its current incarnations.

This gang of 'merry men' claim that they can take money from Medicare and give a like amount to the uninsured and end up with a surplus instead of a zero sum game. They claim that a program that is funded (by our tax dollars) for 10 years and pays out benefits for 6 years is deficit neutral. They have not addressed, in any way, tort reform, preferring to keep the trial lawyers as their sacred cow, and they would like to somehow include in this 'unholy' stew the mystery ingredients of funding for abortions and tax breaks for unions. Finally, they have had to bribe some of their henchmen (Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu and Chris Dodd) to obtain their support for this pot of crap stew they are forcing upon the American taxpayers.

The quality of health care for those that need it most will ultimately suffer because of this bill. The elderly and infirmed will suffer more and die sooner because of reduced payments to care-givers, much longer waits for health care, and rationing because of 'death panels.' Socialist schemes such as this have one major flaw: they always run out of other people's money.

So Merry Christmas to you and yours!! Your 'turkey' has just been stuffed.

Posted by Rick | December 24, 2009 07:26 AM | Political Science

December 16, 2009

Upper Deck Keeps Tiger Woods In Fold

In an announcement Tuesday, December 15, 2009, Upper Deck announced it was continuing its business relationship with adulterer Tiger Woods.

Could Upper Deck produce a set of cards featuring Woods mistresses? There certainly are enough of them for a nice set.

Posted by Rick | December 16, 2009 06:41 AM | Social Studies

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