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Desperation Mode - McCain Will Say Anything

John McCain has decided that he was against reading the Miranda warning to the Times Square firecracker bomber, Faisal Shahzad, who is a citizen, albeit naturalized, of these United States, unlike many of the other wacko Islamic jihadists. This is the same John McCain who doesn't want anyone to be questioned using motivational interrogation techniques. In other words, name, rank and serial number...would you like cream and one or two lumps with your tea...and perhaps another scone?

First of all John, if you don't read someone their Miranda warning, it doesn't mean they don't have those rights enumerated in the warning. They can invoke their right to silence and request an attorney at any time.

The point of McCain's stance is 100% politically motivated. He knows the handwriting is on his wall...he is gone come the Republican primary unless he turns to the right in an effort to attract some of those right-wing Astroturf tea party whackos he wouldn't be caught dead pandering to in a non-election year. He wants us to believe that he is tough on terror. Remember, McCain thinks he is a maverick and mavericks don't always toe the line when it comes to party politics. Remember, McCain voted for the TARP even though it had billions of dollars of earmarks and pork in it. Remember, McCain was against water boarding, but I'll bet you he'd let himself be water boarded right now if it meant he would beat J.D. Hayworth. Remember, McCain was a co-sponsor of McCain-Feingold which limited free speech in elections. Remember, McCain was for a path to citizenship for illegals until recently, pandering to the Hispanic vote during the presidential campaign, but as soon as he lost and knew he had to run for reelection, he came out for troops on the border.

I also heard McCain try to link Hayworth to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, and that may be the case. Wasn't McCain the unindicted coconspirator and the only Republican involved in the 'Keating Five' saving and loan scandal? From a National Review column written by Mark Levin:

In its final report (November 20, 1991), here is what the Senate Select Committee on Ethics concluded about McCain's conduct:

"Mr. Keating, his associates, and his friends contributed $56,000 for Senator McCain's two House races in 1982 and 1984, and $54,000 for his 1986 Senate race. Mr. Keating also provided his corporate plane and/or arranged for payment for the use of commercial or private aircraft on several occasions for travel by Senator McCain and his family, for which Senator McCain ultimately provided reimbursement when called upon to do so. Mr. Keating also allowed Senator McCain and his family to vacation with Mr. Keating and his family, at a home provided by Mr. Keating in the Bahamas, in each of the calendar years 1983 through 1986.

"…[F]rom 1984 to 1987, Senator McCain took actions on Mr. Keating's behalf or at his request. The Committee finds that Senator McCain had a basis for each of these actions independent of the contributions and benefits he received from Mr. Keating, his associates and friends.

"Based on the evidence available to it, the Committee has given consideration to Senator McCain's actions on behalf of Lincoln. The Committee concludes that, given the personal benefits and campaign contributions he had received from Mr. Keating, Senator McCain exercised poor judgment in intervening with the regulators without first inquiring as to the Bank Board's position in the case in a more routine manner. The Committee concludes that Senator McCain's actions were not improper nor attended with gross negligence and did not reach the level of requiring institutional action against him. The Committee finds that Senator McCain took no further action after the April 9, 1987 meeting when he learned of a criminal referral.

"The Committee reaffirms its prior decision that it does not have jurisdiction to determine the issues of disclosure or reimbursement pertaining to flights provided by American Continental Corporation while Senator McCain was a Member of the House of Representatives. The Committee did consider the effect of such on his state of mind and judgment in taking steps to assist Lincoln.

"Senator McCain has violated no law of the United States or specific Rule of the United States Senate; therefore, the Committee concludes that no further action is warranted with respect to Senator McCain on the matters investigated during the preliminary inquiry."

McCain was the only Republican implicated in the Keating Five scandal, yet today he lectures his party and his president about "the corrupting influence" of money in politics. He rails against the so-called "wealthy special interests" and their ability to buy access to elected officials, yet this is precisely what the Keating Five scandal was all about. And, of course, under McCain's current standard, a politician who takes a principled position that may benefit a donor is corrupt, even if no law has been violated.

The John McCain of old should be thankful that his political fate wasn't determined by John McCain the reformer.

McCain is nothing more than a sleazy, slimy windbag who will say or do anything to beat J.D. Hayworth.

Posted by Rick | May 8, 2010 05:36 PM

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