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His Lips Are Moving

How can you tell when President Barack Hussein Obama is lying?...his lips are moving.

In yet another pie in the sky speech on day 57 of the worst ecological disaster in our history, President Obama claims that he is doing everything that can humanly be done to mitigate the damage done by the oil spill. Of course, that is a lie. In the first couple of days after the oil rig explosion in the Gulf Of Mexico, the Norwegians offered to send giant skimmers to the Gulf region to suck up the crude oil making its way toward shore, but the Obama administration declined the offer, in writing no less. All The Great Obama needed to do was to take a lesson from his predecessor, George W. Bush, who waived the Jones Act within the first three days following hurricane Katrina and put out a big 'WELCOME NORWAY' banner. Fifty seven (57) days into the spill, we have rowboats with Shop Vac's trying to protect our coasts.

In the last third of his speech tonight, Obama indicated that he is a supporter of alternatives to oil for our energy needs, yet in the 18 months since he took office he has shutdown the development of the nuclear repository at Yucca Mountain in Nevada and, to the best of my knowledge, has not started any new nuclear power plants. Yucca Mountain was going to be the only major repository for waste in the country. The respoitory, which had been under development for over 25 years, was nearing completion and is now officially moth-balled.

If Obama were truly serious about non-petroleum forms of energy, he wouldn't have shut down the Yucca Mountain site. Is Obama going to go out and find another site to store nuclear waste? I doubt that it is anywhere near the his to-do list, and is probably not even on the list. A site similar to the Yucca Mountain site might take another 25 years or more to develop. Obama is putting all his hopes and dreams on wind and solar energies. If Obama thinks he can heat all the houses in America in winter and cool them all in summer with wind and solar power he is dreaming. The technology is just not there, not to mention the power grids, to achieve that now or in the foreseeable future.

The bigger question is how are we supposed to get to work, move merchandise, or get to the grocery store without gasoline. There are not enough electric vehicles to even begin to move Americans to and from wherever we are going to do this and, if there were, there is not enough electricity produced to keep the vehicles on the road. Can you imagine plugging in 150 million or more vehicles every day?

Never mind the words, they are all lies. Watch what The Great Obama does.

Note: 6/16/2010 - Carl Rove was on Hannity this evening and was perhaps even more critical of The Great Obama than I was. Rove said that in every area of the speech Obama "misled, he omitted, and he gave misdirection to the American people." I stand corrected.

Posted by Rick | June 15, 2010 07:19 PM

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