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Obama On Jobs - You Just Can't Beleive A Word He Says

You just can't believe a word President Barack Hussein Obama says. Obama keeps talking about the need for more jobs, but he seems to forget that he is single handedly responsible for the loss of almost 300,000 thousand jobs since he took office. No small feat.

The President put over 200,000 thousand people out of work when he closed some 3,000 automobile dealerships in the automotive bailout of General Motors and Chrysler, and with the arbitrary cessation of drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, he sent another 80,000 workers to the unemployment line.

This is not to mention the impact on the commercial real estate industry when 2,000 automobile dealers are forced to vacate the land used to house showrooms, maintenance areas, and the new and used cars. Hundreds of millions of square feet of commercial property vacant in one fell swoop. Don't forget the devastating impact on the people who own those vacant lots and on the banks who hold the mortgages. Can you say bankruptcy?

Whoever first said, 'Actions speak louder than words,' must have had Obama in mind.

Posted by Rick | September 30, 2010 11:43 PM

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