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The NAACP Has Lost Its Way

For many years, there has been a problem with the extremely high dropout rate of African-American students. In an effort to fix this problem, Minneapolis School District Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson has recommended that a failing high school, North High School, be closed and the students moved to better schools.

Corey Mitchell of the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported on October 13, 2010,

The Minneapolis branch of the NAACP on Wednesday urged parents to consider pulling their children out of the Minneapolis School District in response to Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson's recommendation to close North High School.

Makes perfect sense to me...someone wants to make send my child to a better school and I pull them out of school to protest. I know of many parents who scrimp and save to send their children to better schools. Parents have been known to lie about where they live to send their children to a better school in a different district. Has the NAACP really thought this through? It doesn't seem that they are really looking out for the children.

Posted by Rick | October 14, 2010 03:14 PM

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