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Boehner Is A 'Fish'

BHO and Harry Reid were playing poker this past week while John Boehner was playing ‘go fish.’

The Republicans turned into real ‘fish’ in the budget negotiations this past week, ‘negotiating’ (term used loosely) a reduction of a measly $38.5 billion on a deficit of $1.6 trillion and, after all the cards were turned over, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell had the nerve to go before the American people to proclaim how proud they were of the outcome! Hell, they didn’t even get their money in with the best hand before getting felted!!

It sounds like BHO, our illustrious commander-in-chief, used the military as a trump card in the budget negotiations, threatening to classify them non-essential personnel which would preclude them from getting paid if the government were ‘shut-down.’

I didn’t realize that soldiers, sailors, and airmen were BHO’s personal slaves. It may be legal for him to send them home without paying them, but for him to order them as commander-in-chief to fight, and perhaps die, without paying them is the most absurd (and perhaps illegal) thing I have ever heard.

Note to John Boehner: I don’t know where y’all learned to play poker, but when BHO raised you with the threat not to pay the military, that was the time to re-raise, not fold like a cheap suit.

Can you imagine going into the 2012 election being able to highlight BHO’s total disregard for the troops he commands?!

FYI: Poker terms for the uninitiated:

Fish: A bad or weak poker player. A sucker.
Felted: A spinoff of an old poker saying, "down to the felt," meaning down to the bottom of your chip stack.

Posted by Rick | April 9, 2011 10:39 AM

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