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The Games People Play (In Washington)

Money is fungible. Fungible (fun'ja bal) is an adjective which means:

From yourdictionary.com:

"Law designating movable goods, as grain, any unit or part of which can replace another unit, as in discharging a debt."

To help illustrate this, this morning my lovely wife paid the housekeeper $100 and then proceeded to rifle through my pockets for some money before she left for work, taking $50 from me. She told me later that she had paid the housekeeper. I told her that I disagreed with that assessment of the facts. I believe I paid the housekeeper 50% of the money she was due regardless of the fact that my $50 went into my lovely wife’s purse.

This is the same game the Democrats and Republicans have been playing with our money ever since the law making it illegal for the federal govenment to pay for abortions went into effect . The law says that it is illegal for the federal government to pay for abortions, yet we fund Planned Parenthood, a group that provides abortions, to the tune of about $350 million dollars per year. They claim they use the money for everything else but the actual abortion. So we pay for their rent, staff, utilities, computers, paper, cleaning supplies and everything else under the sun but none of the money goes for the abortions? Would the abortions happen without our money?

However you look at the process, the federal government pays for a percentage of every abortion that Planned Parenthood does - law or no law. Using some round numbers to exemplify this, let’s say the taxpayers give $350 million dollars to Planned Parenthood and they have revenues and expenditures of $500 million dollars. Slice it anyway you want, we are then providing 70% of their revenue and therefore paying for 70% of every abortion.

The Republicans would like to defund Planed Parenthood with this budget they are currently negotiating. Let's hope they have the intestinal fortitude for this fight.

Posted by Rick | April 8, 2011 05:12 PM

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