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December 6, 2012

Christmas Is Coming

The Christmas ornaments are up and the snow is falling at Red Meat blog. I just put the finishing touches on my 2012 Winter Wonderland music compilation and I think I am officially in the Christmas spirit.

This is my second Winter Wonderland compilation. (I did the first Winter Wonderland in 2009). All the songs in the Winter Wonderland editions are secular, seasonal songs so we can give them to everyone, and not just to our Christian friends and family. I am so PC sometimes, my head hurts. On second thought, it could just be after effects from too much eggnog.

The 2010 CD was entitled Christmas Chestnuts; and 2011 was a collection entitled Christmas Carols. I did an 'unofficial' bonus compilation last year called Rockin’ Christmas, but wasn't very happy with it. The CD for 2013 is already in the planning stages and will be....a surprise!!

You can listen to some of my favorites from this year's compilation on the red meat Jukebox. I snuck in, perhaps my favorite Christmas song, Please Come Home For Christmas by Dion after the selections from the new CD. Be sure to check them out.

This is what the cover of my 2012 compilation looks like...

Winter Wonderland 2012

Posted by Rick | December 6, 2012 05:58 AM | Social Studies

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