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Colin Powell - Republican? And Racist?

After watching Bill O'Reilly interview Colin Powell a couple evenings ago, I came to the conclusion that the self-proclaimed Republican is certainly no conservative and would be better suited as a member of King Barack Hussein Obama's Democratic (read Communist) Party.

'Republican' Powell would have us believe that he supported King Obama in 2008 because he believed Obama's economic policy was superior to John McCain. In reality, there was really no economic policy presented by Obama (remember it was all 'hope and change') and both Obama and McCain supported the pork-filled stimulus package just prior to the election. With all things being equal, Powell, as a good Republican, should have supported Republican McCain.

Powell also voted for King Obama in 2012 when it was crystal clear that Obamanomics had been a catastrophic failure in the past 4 years. Romney has been a very successful businessman and former governor of Massachusetts, and there is every reason to believe that he would have had a much stronger economic policy than that of the former community organizer, King Obama.

Unable to give any other substantive reason for not supporting the Republican's semi-conservative candidate, Mitt Romney, in 2012, could it be that Powell preferred the color of Obama's skin to that of Romney?

Note to Colin Powell: The Republican Party is no place for racists.

Posted by Rick | January 31, 2013 03:48 AM

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