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August 1, 2013

HRH Obama On Jobs

HRH Obama claims to want to create jobs with infrastructure projects yet disparages the Keystone pipeline, claiming it will only create 50 full time jobs. The number of permanent jobs it will create is absurd on its face but I will get to that in a minute.

The Keystone pipeline is an infrastructure project. It is no different than a bridge that is built, rebuilt or repaired. In the long term, not many permanent jobs are created. Usually bridge work is paid for by some government entity - a city, state or the federal government. The Keystone pipeline is a privately funded project with no need for the government to spend any money building it. HRH won't get to dole out billions of dollars to his friends and pet projects. Is that why HRH is opposed to it?

HRH's claim that only 50 full time jobs will be created is silly. The pipeline will create jobs maintaining the pipeline; create jobs processing the crude oil; create jobs transporting the finished product; create jobs feeding, clothing and housing those workers, and on and on and on.

All this at a cost of zero to the government. There is no question that the pipeline will create products that will be in demand, unlike all HRH'S green jobs that created something no one wanted at exorbitant prices. The only long term jobs HRH created with all that green job money are jobs in the legal community while all the bankruptcies are sorted out.

Posted by Rick | August 1, 2013 06:42 AM | Political Science

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