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Obama Is Going To Bullshit Us Again Tonight

I can hardly wait for HRH Obama's speech tonight.

I think HRH is going to try to persuade us that he is more concerned with our security than he is about his golf handicap or flying around the country fund raising. I personally believe he is doing just as little as possible while secretly rooting for an Islamic caliphate. He cannot completely ignore the problems in the Middle East because he would be hammered by the left, right and center in America, so he will do something, but not much.

What has he done about Iran getting a nuclear weapon? What has he done about the Russians taking over Crimea? What has he done about ISIL in Syria and Iraq? What has he done about the thousands of rockets raining down on Israel? What has he done to secure our borders? What has he done about the thousands of Americans who were targeted by the IRS? What has he done about..................?

The only things on HRH's radar is golf and flying around on his personal magic carpet (Air Force 1) when he is not on vacation.

HRH Obama doesn't give a whit about his job or America in general.

Posted by Rick | September 10, 2014 04:54 PM

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