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October 15, 2014


The family of Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian man who died from Ebola, is apparently suing the Texas hospital. Don't worry about the fact that, as a non-citizen with no medical insurance, it already cost the hospital around $ 500,000.00 to treat him, and, as it turns out, he infected one of his care-givers, whose care will probably cost as much or more than Duncan's short hospital stay.

Two aid workers who were working in Africa with Ebola went to a hospital in Georgia and survived, but at what cost? An NBC cameraman with the Ebola virus is being cared for in a Nebraska hospital. Again, at what cost?

If Duncan's case is typical, at $ 500,000.00 per patient, care of Ebola patients will bankrupt our medical system in short order.

New flash!! Another nurse, who was one of the approximately 50 people caring for Thomas Duncan at the Dallas hospital, has been diagnosed with Ebola. Since she cared for Mr. Duncan, she has apparently flown to Cleveland from Dallas and has now returned to Dallas on another flight from Cleveland. How many people could she have possibly infected on the planes and in the airports?

It is imperative that we close our borders to anyone who may be infected with the Ebola virus.

Posted by Rick | October 15, 2014 01:29 AM | Social Studies

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