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Sonny Dunham - Memories Of You

Growing up, I played, rather poorly I might add, the trumpet in grade school and high school. My inadequacies aside, I still have a great fondness for music played by great trumpeters.

I have a selection of songs by the famous trumpeter, Bobby Hackett, playing in The red meat Jukebox right now but I recently came across a few songs by a great trumpeter from the 1930's and 40's by the name of Sonny Dunham. I am going to include my favorite of the few songs I have by him called Memories Of You along with the songs by Bobby Hackett in The red meat Jukebox. Not nearly as well known at Hackett, Dunham was, nevertheless, a very special musician.

Invest 3 minutes of your time listening to this. You will not be disappointed.

Posted by Rick | February 6, 2015 05:16 PM

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