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It's Here - Summer 2015!

Summer is here and I’m excited to present the final installment of my summer compilations. (Unless I come across another 15 songs, I have finally run out of enough songs with ‘summer’ in the title to fill another CD).

This year’s compilation is highlighted by 3 selections performed by Rod McKuen and the San Sebastian Strings, three by the Ray Charles Singers (not that Ray Charles), and five instrumentals. The coolest instrumental, The Summer Knows - Theme From 'Summer Of '42, by famous jazz trumpeter, Art Farmer, is definitely worth a listen.

Without further ado, here is the list of cool ‘summer’ songs now playing in The red meat Jukebox. Listening can’t help but get you in the mood for the long, hot days ahead.

A Summer Girl - Sammy Fall
Belcher Landing 'One Certain Summer' - Rod McKuen With The San Sebastian Strings
Blue Summer - Royalettes
Indian Summer - Ray Charles Singers
Last Days Of Summer - Blue Hawaiians
Something Wonderful Happens In Summer - Frank Sinatra
Stay And Love Me All Summer - Brian Hyland
Summer - Rod McKuen With The San Sebastian Strings
Summer Evening - Rod McKuen With The San Sebastian Strings
Summer Love - Walt Benton And The Diplomats
Summer Of '69 - Bryan Adams
Summer Romance - Jackie Kallan
Summer Set - Monty Kelly And His Orchestra
Summer Symphony - Leslie Gore
Summer Wind - Perry Como
Summer's Gone - Sandals
Summertime Blues - Beyonce Knowles
‘Summertime‘ From 'Porgy And Bess' - Chantels
Summertime In Venice - Ray Charles Singers
The Summer Knows - Theme From 'Summer Of '42' - Art Farmer
The Things We Did Last Summer - Ray Charles Singers
Theme From 'A Summer Place' - Julie London
Theme From 'The Endless Summer' - Gary Hoey
This Morning It Was Summer - Natalie Cole
When Summer Comes 'Get A Chance With You' - Jan And Dean

Posted by Rick | June 21, 2015 05:36 PM

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