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JEB! Needs To Look In Mirror

JEB! is calling out Donald Trump for having had some less than conservative positions in the past.

Unfortunately, JEB! has less than conservative positions now while Trump is promoting much more conservative positions than JEB!

JEB! is still a proponent of Common Core although stating that he is willing to let the states run their educational system. (We all know how that works in Washington - do it our way or we'll withhold the money we stole from your state.)

JEB! claims that illegals come into are country are doing it as an act of love, but as he was speaking the other night started to say what I believe is truly in his heart and that is he wants to reward the illegals with a pathway to citizenship. I also believe he is cut from the same cloth as his daddy and brother and will only pay lip service to securing our borders, just as his brother and daddy did before him. Remember, it's all about the LOVE!

JEB!, unlike Trump, who actually created his fortune through hard work and risk taking, has gotten ahead by sucking on his daddy's tit, using the Bush political machine to get elected governor of Florida, and has become wealthy via Wall Street pals (who his brother bailed out with taxpayer dollars to the tune of nearly a trillion dollars) parlaying his name and status as former governor of Florida into a net worth of millions of dollars.

JEB! needs take a long hard look in the mirror before calling out Trump for being a liberal. Frankly, JEB! is a big government politician you can't trust any more than you could his brother or his daddy.

Posted by Rick | August 21, 2015 03:46 PM

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